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  Buffing Compounds

  Buffing compounds are what we use to polish our blades to a mirror finish and also to put that nice shine on the handle material
and brass when we are finished.

Each compound is designed to work better on certain materials and the color tends to indicate the grit range. In general the lighter
the color of the compound the finer the "grit" that is in the compound.

The bars of compound come in "cakes" that weigh approximately 2 1/2 pounds each

We have 4 different  grades of compounds that we use: 

HF1 (white) is great for putting that extra fine finish on Dymondwood or other handle materials

921 (also white) is a dryer feeling fine compound that is great for the final step in making a mirror polish on most steels.

V330 (green) is a medium fine compound that is great for steel finishing and is a little coarser than the 921 compound.

Rust Cutter (Black) compound is one that is not used as often but when you need to remove rust from a blade before doing
a finer polish this is an extra coarse compound and leaves some heavy buffing scratches when used .... so don't use this on a
blade that you don't want scratched up.

  HF1 (White) Compound Price $7.00


   921 (White) CompoundPrice $8.00


  V330 (Green) CompoundPrice $10.00




WARNING!! knife making has been determined to be addictive or at least habit forming.

Once you've experienced the feeling of accomplishment from completing your first knife, you will be hooked for life.