Information about this handle material

Things you need to know before ordering the handle material known as diamondply (formerly dymondwood)

1. WARPING - the thinner sheets of this material have been known to sometimes warp.  I cut them from a nice flat sheet and in the following days - while in transit to the customer - have been known to warp and arrive in a different shape than when they were packaged.

This has mostly been an issue on the full sheet and/or the 5 X 16"+ slabs and not so much an issue with the handle sets.


2. SCRATCHES - the manufacturer is running these sheets through some kind of machine that is putting a scratch pattern across one face of the sheeting. I am not sure if this is checking thickness or density of the sheeting but I have no control over this issue.


3. COLORING - I have made my best effort to represent the colors to the best of my ability. Colors can vary from sheet to sheet of the same colors and there is nothing under the sun that I can do to prevent this.


4. CHIPPING - From time to time some sheets have chipped excessively when sawed.  I always set my saw wider than the advertised sizing to help cover any chipping but on some sheeting (like the old rosewood we have listed) this material is much more dense than the newer material and tends to chip worse ... even when I use a new saw blade.


5. PATCHES - This manufacture sometimes cuts in patches in the veneers to repair natural blemishes in the wood veneer. We have worked with this material and have not had a single issue with these patches effecting the outcome of the final product. In most cases we just put the patch on the inside of the handle to over come having it on the finished surface ... on some occasions we have had them land on the outside of a finished product and it still didn't effect the look of the finished product.

6. DELIVERY TIME - While we try our best to process orders as promptly as possible ... we sometimes face delays do to the fact we are a knife company that produces, makes and sells finished knives for our living.

We have commitments that need to be met to our knife dealers and at times delays may occur if we are working to get knives out to them to sell at shows and stores. 

We offer our supplies only to assist smaller knife makers get access to these materials without facing the huge minimum order costs and months of delays getting these materials manufactured and transported.

When there are problems we do our best to correct them ... This process can be done with professionalism from both parties.  Dumping a bad attitude or mass amounts of sarcasm will only work to have me disable the entire knife making supplies portion of our site and concentrate my time and resources on the part of the business that pays the bills - the finished knives we make and sell. 

Yes this page came about because I just got a completely unnecessary dose of someone's crappy attitude with a double dose of sarcasm.


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If you can not accept the information above please place your order directly with the manufacturer of this material ... the minimum order is 1 Cubic Meter (about 310 sheets of 14 ply) and the shipping will be about $3,000. Plus just for fun you get to prepay for the material while you wait for it to be produced and shipped.