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Cutler's Rivets


We offer a selection of rivets known as "compression rivets" or "cutler's rivets". 

These rivets consist of a set [one male rivet and one female rivet] and are very simple to use.

Simply drill  5/32" holes in the tang of the knife where you plan to fasten the handle onto with the rivets.

Next align and clamp your handle material to the tang and drill through the hole in the tang using the 5/32" drill
to make the holes in the handle material.

After that I like to drill the handle material with a slightly larger 11/64" bit to allow for the expansion of the female rivet
as they are put together.

The final step to prepare the handle for the rivets is to countersink the flat surface to allow the head of the rivet to
recess slightly into the surface of the material.

Place the female rivet into the handle first (remember ladies first) then place the handle on a hard flat surface and carefully pound or press the male rivets down into the female rivets.

Brass Cutler's Rivets - available in 4 sizes

1/4" head diameter X 7/16" shaft length

5/16" head diameter X 1/2" shaft length

5/16" head diameter X 9/16" shaft length

5/16" head diameter X 5/8" shaft length

Price $0.25 per set (one Male and one Female Rivet)
NEW! The nickel silver rivets work exactly as the brass rivets do but the nickel silver resists corrosion better and will not tarnish or turn green like brass can.  If you are looking for an option to avoid the tarnish or just don't like the look of brass, this is the solution.

Nickel Silver Cutler's Rivets - available in 3 sizes (all in stock)

1/4" head diameter X 3/8" shaft length
(Now available)

1/4" head diameter X 7/16" shaft length
(Now available)

5/16" head diameter X 1/2" shaft length
(Now available)

Price $0.35 per set (one Male and one Female Rivet)
   Due to an increased loss of packages from POSTAL THEFT we have been forced to change our postage policy. 

We wanted to save our customers money by using the lower cost postage of a padded envelope and standard first class rates but since we are offering these rivets to the customers as a service and not a profitable portion of our business it has come to the point the losses are not worth the trouble of filling these orders and replacing them when they are stolen.

To add to the insult of replacing lost orders at a loss to us ... we have also been challenged with some very RUDE customers while dealing with these replacements and I nearly "nuked" this whole page today and was going to just stop offering these rivets but I decided to not punish everyone for a single person's asinine attitude.

Shipping for all domestic (USA) rivet orders is now a flat rate shipping fee of $6.80 and will be sent via USPS in a small flat rate box.
The shopping cart will show an estimated postage but the fee will be $6.80

If you are placing an order for a small amount that you do not want to pay the above postage rate,  I will still send the order in a padded envelope via 1st class mail for a flat rate of $2.00 postage as long as you understand that we assume zero risk and if it doesn't arrive we will not replace the order at our expense.

To choose the cheaper non small  flat rate postage (at your own risk) simply type something like "cheap postage" in the comments of the check out process and I will mail your order in a padded envelope via 1st class mail for $2.00 postage.

International orders should email for a postage quote prior to ordering.

Current postage rates to Australia $34.95 Small Priority flat rate box, 6- 10 days delivery. Up to 4 pounds weight./ $400 value
(July 14, 2016)


WARNING!! knife making has been determined to be addictive or at least habit forming.

Once you've experienced the feeling of accomplishment from completing your first knife, you will be hooked for life.